Thursday, December 20, 2007

Keep Practicing

In light of the upcoming Suzuki Workshops (Jan 18th-20th), I asked Marti what we should all be doing to prepare for the big event.  In a word, she said PRACTICE.

P: Persevere through the days, practicing as often as you can
R: Ready yourself with listening to the recordings often
A: Attend (listen) to your intonation.  Keep your technique clean, and you will sound good also
C: Consistency is the mantra of all "talented" musicians
T: Technical skills (bow hold) produce great sounds
I: Instruments are to be loved and visited often
C: Choose to be a happy musician--grumpy ones still have to practice, so be happy
E: Energize yourself by listening to the great musicians who have gone before you.

Have a great holiday, and we'll check in with you after the New Year! 

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Twinklers.. encouragement!

By now, those of you have started first year twinklers are well into the swing of weekly private and group classes.  How is it going?  Has your little twinkler passed you up yet?  Are you burned out?  Have you memorized the different variations yet?  You'll be happy to know that all of that twinkling WILL be used later on in later songs.  This isn't just some big useless exercise.  All of those rhythms are VERY important foundations for later learning.  

Regardless of what your teacher calls them: variation a. b. c. d. or things like "Mississippi stop stop"  or short, short, short short--long long... they all are the same world wide.  All of the other parents are doing just what you are doing.  Trying to get that little one to hold the bow correctly, trying to get the position of the instrument correct, attempting to get the length of notes consistent ,and  most importantly, trying to do it with a patient smile. 

Remember, they only stay young for such a short time, and don't they look cute?  (pictured above is a little friend of ours from Texas)  

If you would like your little one to be "famous" on the blog, email me a picture with whatever you would like to say about your child.  I'd love to hear from you! 

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Did you guess BACH?

You were right!  It was that great composer, Johann Sebastian Bach!  He will be visiting us for our Suzuki workshop in January!  (O.K. probably someone who looks like him) Some of the best pieces ever written were written by Bach.  

J.S. Bach wrote a style of music called: Baroque.  It is a unique type of music that expresses order and symmetry in a lively fashion.  Check out the baroque site above.  There's so much wonderful music to listen to and so little time! For now, you can look for this, to download on your IPOD.