Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What does a Suzuki Mom look like these days??

I was encouraged by a recent article I read HERE about the many coats that we as moms wear.  Some of us have big families, some small.  Some are holding down careers, some work at home.  Whether we are drowning in activities or manage to keep a balanced plate of things going, we still have to watch our commitment levels and energy levels. 

 Being a Suzuki Mom is just one "coat" we wear.  Whether your children are studying music to become the next Beethoven or they are just learning to improve their character from the discipline that music study brings, we all have to find a "place" for the commitment of music.  For some of us, that is a big place.  For others, it is a small space.  This summer, take some time to relax.  You deserve it, Suzuki Moms and Dads! 

Monday, May 12, 2008

Planning, planning, planning

It took a while, but I finally worked out the schedule for my summer lessons.  Summer is a great time to launch ahead in some areas and cut back in others.  We aren't going to be inundated with school work, so why not focus more on music and practicing?  

Have you talked to your teachers yet and gotten a summer lesson schedule planned yet?  If not, today is a good day to get that started.

Solo recitals this weekend!!